God’s Mysterious Ways

when i am asked ,

why do vicars always answer a question by posing another question ?

?i always reply ,well ,why, should't we ?

but what in the end, all this comes down to, is how we deal in life with the problems that we have to face. sometimes it's a question of just taking action of making decisions,of involving others, of finding your resolve, and seeing it through

but at other times ,it's about something much less tangible,

sometimes all it takes is a little grace, and all our problems seem to fade away.

now should we demand an explanation from our lord, question his methods or should we merely enjoy the benefits

well, i don't think the good lord wants us to question too much

isaiah chapter 55 verse 8:

?my way are not your ways, and i think what he basically means by that is: i am mysterious folks, live with it.