The Legend of 1900(海上钢琴师)

1.You’re never really done for as long as you got a good story and someone to tell it to.

2.Fuck the regulations!

3.Why? Why? Why? ... I think land people waste a lot of time wondering why. Winter comes, they can’t wait for summer. Summer comes, you live in dread of winter. That’s why they never tire of traveling, always chasing some place far away where it’s always summer.
为什么为什么为什么? ... 陆上的人喜欢寻根问底, 虚度了大好光阴.冬天忧虑夏天的姗姗来迟, 夏天则担心冬天的将至.所以他们不停四处游走, 追求一个遥不可及, 四季如夏的地方.

4.Change life. Start fresh.

5.The sky’s the limit.

6.I can’t tell you. It’s a secret, and secrets should be kept.
不告诉你, 这是个秘密, 秘密是不应该公开的.

7.Cat got your tongue?

8.It wasn’t what I saw that stopped me; it was what I didn’t see.
我停下来不是因为所见, 是因为所不见.

9.What would you have done in my shoes?
换了是你, 你会怎么办呢?



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